Thai Copy Paper Factory Vision

Thai Copy Paper Factory. is considered an industry leader in sustainable practices. We use a special KHAN-NA process to grow our Double A Paper-Tree and create seriously earth-friendly pulp and paper manufacturing.

We focus on three important goals:

Environmental Sustainability                          Social Sustainability                 Economical Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability            Social Sustainability                  Economic Sustainability

To that end, we partner closely with Thai and international non-profit and non-government organizations (NGOs). We keep our environmental credentials current, and we maintain an ongoing quest to minimize our environmental impact by cultivating, conserving and generating raw materials without interfering with nature or our neighboring communities. And by following these practices, we maximize our social and economic impact, too.

As a global premium copy paper brand, we feel it’s important to spread the word about sustainability through investments in branding, in order to help our distributors leverage this message as well. It’s a win for all of us.

A dirt road with light shining through trees

Our “cradle to mill gate” lifecycle assessment is a process we use to ensure that we minimize our environmental impact every step of the production process, from the moment we plant our seeds until the moment our paper is rolled off the presses.

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